Your Pandora

Your Pandora

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One of the most important elements of Pandora bracelets is the design. Theoretically, there are several types of bracelet designs but those 3 are the most common:

Minimalist Design

1 pendant in the form of a beautiful figure is placed at the base, and on both sides, there are 2 identical talismans contrasting with the main color. Such a bracelet is not bright and is combined with other bracelets worn on the same hand or with a beautiful watch.


2 stoppers are attached to the bracelet and visually divided into 3 parts. It is better if they are “twins” or resemble each other in shape and color. A few identical beads are stringed on each piece so that the pattern in each section is repeated and a beautiful necklace is added in the center.

Multiple Charms

If there are a lot of talismans, but they do not fit the bracelet, you can buy several bases. After assembly, all jewelry is put on one side. If the lower part is assembled from large elements and seems heavy, the upper part may consist of a pendant.

Remember, you can collect the product from beads that associate with important days to remind you of pleasant events. Jewelry can be a hobby (for example, a theatrical mask), the birth of a child, an anniversary, etc. It can be associated with At the same time, it is important to observe the measure and not mix elements of different styles on the bracelet.

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