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Pandora bracelets have not lost their relevance for many years, as they are an ornament that can be changed at will or turned according to the mood. If you want to know how to properly fit the Pandora bracelet so that it is a reflection of your personality, listen to the advice of the experts.

Before assembling a piece of jewelry, you must decide whether you will do it all in silver, gold, mixed, or any color scheme. You also need to decide for yourself why you are going to make this jewelry, such as for daily use or social events. Already based on this data, you should choose the base, the stops, the separators, and the separation chain. In particular, the selection of amulets is a special process. After determining the intended purpose, the basis for the decoration is selected:

Gold or silver chain

Hard polished frame made of precious metal or cheap alloy

An item made from a thin strip of genuine leather (some leather options are offered without inserts and are wrapped around the wrist several times)

Fasteners are also represented by several types:

Magnetic latch in original style or externally similar mechanics

Screw carabiner that can be removed and screwed back in the final for stringing the beads

A non-removable carabiner is less convenient since to add and replace elements you will have to open the ring that connects the lock to the collar, and at the end of the work, you will have to put it on and fix it.

In addition to them, there are bases without fasteners, but with fasteners designed for the latter. The hostess of jewelry can put any lock on them.

In order for the charms to be evenly distributed on the bracelet, fixed stoppers that fit tightly into the thickenings at the base of the classic bracelet are needed. They do not allow talismans to move and spoil the appearance of decoration with bald spots. The stoppers are made of silicone or metal.

In addition to these, there are small spacer beads that look like rings and shade large talismans and necklaces. All are metal or decorated with rhinestones or small stones.

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