Is that Fall or Autumn?

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It’s time to prepare your jewelry boxes. Long opera gloves, fancy jewelry, and extravagant hats are still going strong post-pandemic. And they won’t disappear anytime soon, as the Fall 2022 runways show. In fact, brands of all sizes in New York, Milan, London, and Paris are raising the bar with hugely assertive pieces that have the power to surpass their predecessors from past seasons.

Now, while autumn makes itself feel better; the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler and the green leaves are giving way to different shades of the soil.

We are renewing our wardrobes and jewelry boxes in accordance with this changing color palette. Many of us think it is better not to wear too much jewelry, as we start to wear tight-fitting clothes during these months. Let’s take a look at the beautiful jewelry suggestions that show us that this idea is not much more realistic.

Cluster diamond jewelry is beautiful and bright pieces that do not go overboard. It gives you the perfect opportunity to brighten up any evening outfit. The shine that will give to your clothes in these months when you are adorned with shades of brown is a detail that you should definitely not ignore. You should definitely make diamond rings and earrings a part of your jewelry collection this fall to provide this detail. A group of small diamonds placed around a center diamond will be just the piece you are looking for.

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