Diamonds are Eternal

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Diamond is one of the hardest known substances and is also very valuable. It is formed by the modification of the carbon element over time, that is, by metamorphosis.

Diamond is such a jewelry item that all diamonds that have been cut or not yet cut are different from each other, just like human fingerprints.

Diamond has many cut shapes. Round, princess, marquise, baguette, oval, cushion, drop, and heart is the most common cuts. The value of a diamond depends on how rare it is in nature, and its price depends on its four characteristics. Although it looks the same to the naked eye, no diamond is the same as another. The reason why the price of two diamonds of the same carat weight is different depends on the 4C information.

The 4C feature has been accepted as the feature standard of the diamond. The features of the diamond are:

Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut.

Of course, the shape is also an important consideration for a diamond’s worth because visibility matters! Round diamonds are usually priced higher than other shapes, but it is not the only factor we mentioned.

Most diamonds appear to be colorless. But there are subtle differences in tone between them. In general, the more colorless a diamond is, the more valuable it is. Colorless diamonds are scarce. In addition, diamonds with a very distinctive color are also rare.

Every diamond in nature has only its own unique character. What makes it unique is the other minerals mixed with it during the crystallization process. The number, color, structure, position, and size of these particles, which are described as nature’s fingerprints, show the naturalness of the diamond. The fewer natural traces, the lighter the diamond reflects and therefore the more valuable it is. Since it is very difficult to find diamonds without natural traces, those with the least traces are considered close to perfect.

The weight of the diamond is measured in carats. Carat weight is the most easily measurable feature of a diamond.

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