Lasers are cool!

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The traditional industrial method often used carving on precious pieces such as gold and silver. In the past, the important reason why expensive pieces such as gold and silver were carved and inlaid was to customize and personalize these valuable pieces. Meaningful writings are written on the gold and silver items to ensure that the products are special.

In laser engraving, the marking process is performed by a combined melt and evaporation expulsion. Meanwhile, the power density of the laser beam becomes so high that the material melts and partially evaporates during processing. An indentation, in other words, engraving, is formed on the material.

Today, different materials and precious metal alloys are used in jewelry production. With laser technology, many metals can be engraved, as well as easily engraved and marked gold and silver. Laser technology provides a lot of convenience in pattern and marking, which is among the production and patterning techniques used by jewelers and goldsmiths. Creative designs have become very important in this field. Gold and Silver Marking with Laser, which is one of the easy ways for designers to reveal the product of their dreams, has enabled designs to emerge easily. With laser marking technology, engraving, cutting, and coloring processes can be performed as well as marking on all sources, including gold and silver.

Thanks to the professionalism of our machines and our expert team, we can bring your dreams, gold, and silver products that reflect you and that you want to be special to you and present them to real life, and enable you to use these products easily in the area you want.

We are waiting for you to talk about all your engraving processes with our professional, experienced, and creative staff and our state-of-the-art engraving device.

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