Green & Shiny

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Emerald is one of the first words that come to mind when talking about the color green, and a beautiful emerald has a breathtaking view. emerald stone; It is one of the four precious stones along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Like many gemstones, the higher the carat, the higher the emerald price begins.

Emerald is a green to bluish green variety of the mineral beryl (beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate). It is the degree of green color in the feature that makes a stone emerald. Today, the green color beryl stone colored with chromium can be called emerald, but for many gemologists, gemology laboratories, and colored stone specialists, it is not correct to call this type of stone emerald. Gemological laboratories use graduated comparison stones to name the green color emerald. The valence of the emerald stone depends on its saturation and hue. Slightly bluish-green in medium-dark tones with a strong and vibrant saturation is the most preferred emerald feature. Clarity, which is important in other stones, provides a more flexible perspective in emerald stones. Top-quality, untreated stones are more expensive than treated stones of the same size, color, and clarity.

Few people know the processes that a gemstone goes through on its journey from the mine to a store. Whether the jewelry is presented to the customer at a physical jeweler’s counter or on a virtual shopping site, the journey it takes always requires a great deal of effort. It takes tons of land and countless hours of work to be a gem from mine to the bench.

Emerald is believed to transform negativity into positive emotional energy. It balances, soothes, and offers a sense of security, harmony, and closeness to the creator. It increases one’s life purpose according to the universal plan. Helps with emotional life and life transitions. It keeps the mind in perfect condition and also supports a healthy memory. It is believed to benefit someone who is speaking in public. Emeralds are known to be calming and balancing, restoring faith and hope. It is used to evoke kindness and sympathy. They are also used to enhance one’s intuition, thereby increasing one’s perception. They bring righteousness and are symbols of love.

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