Styles Chart Types of Necklace Chains – Exploring Modern Jewelry

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Styles Chart Types of Necklace Chains – Exploring Modern Jewelry

Necklaces are among the most emblematic jewelry items that women have coveted since time immemorial, and they not only embellish necklines but also accentuate the wearer’s personal style. Necklaces, worn by different civilizations from the past to the present, have highly represented cultural expression, symbolism, and embellishment.

In this article, we’ll look closer at necklace chains, examining the different types and styles they come in and how to style your necklaces for any occasion, along with understanding styles chart types of necklace chains.

Why Necklaces Can Be The Ideal Accessory?

Are you wondering why you should invest in necklaces and why they can be the perfect option for you for all your events and occasions? Let us find out:


Necklaces are available in all styles and sizes, ranging from very short to very long ones designed to suit any occasion, whether casual or special. From tender chains to eye-catchy pendants, there is a necklace for all your dresses and day to day mood.

Personal Expression

Necklaces are the carriers for personalized creativity in which one displays one’s unique personality, tastes, and identity through jewelry. Varying from simple pendants to impactful necklaces, they are all you need to express your style, which is unique.

Enhancing Necklines

 Necklaces possess the ability to act as accessories and beautifiers of the necklines, focusing on the décolletage and providing an outlay for the face. Through a clever selection of length and necklace style, you can emphasize your neckline and improve its line and symmetry.


 Necklaces are often associated with symbolic meanings or emotional attachment, which make them precious mementos and highly sought-after presents. Whether it’s a birthstone pendant, a locket with a loved one’s picture, or a faith or friendship symbol, necklaces carry a deep and long-lasting personal meaning.

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How to Style Necklaces

Styling necklaces is an art that is through which one can express himself or herself, an art of creation, or maybe an art to play around. Regarding necklace styling, use the following simple and effective points of reference.

Play around with layering longer chains and shorter chains with different designs and styles, using both dainty chains and statement pieces to bring out more depth and sympathy, or worn as varied texture pairs for extra interest whether you are wearing a scoop or V-neckline, partner necklaces with shorter styles to sit closer to your collarbone respectively as opposed to longer pendant or choker necklaces. Balance and proportion are critical features when it comes to the scale of a necklace, considering an outfit and the owner’s physical attributes.

Therefore, small, dainty pieces can perfectly go with lighter-framed women, while rich statement pieces can be a great choice for a larger, bolder look. Pick a necklace for a particular situation, which can be a formal get-up or casual mood to go with it. You can opt for a simple and elegant necklace for a formal event and a colorful and fun necklace for casual events. On top of that, you can browse for the color and metal type of necklace chains and pendants that look perfect for your skin tone and clothing colors. For instance, warm-toned metals like gold and rose gold overwhelm you if you have a warm skin tone, while cooler tones like silver and white gold look great for cooler skin tones.

Types of Necklace Chains

Cable Chain

A chain is generally a classy as well as versatile style of chain, which is made up of oval or round-shaped identical links that are joined and piled up together. These kinds of chains are perfect for presenting pendants or letters; they are available and can be worn as single or multiple chains.

Rolo Chain

 Furthermore, rolo chains, which is the other name for it, or link chains, also consist of symmetrical and round links of very thick sizes. Realizing that reliability and strength are the vital features of roller chains ensures that their daily use is justifiable and that this type of jewelry is indisputably perfect for an ordinary and formal occasion.

Figaro Chain

One of the common patterns in chain-type jewelry is built with solder elongated link but short link combination. Figaro chains, which constitute the most popular type of this jewelry design, are known for a larger link that is followed by two or three smaller ones that add to the overall distinctiveness of the appearance.

Box Chain

The link wherein two U-shapes connect together to form a square pattern, thus creating a uniform and continuous appearance, is offered by box chains. Being the pride of box chain jewelry, these are long-lasting necklace lover items that come in various sizes to suit different tastes.

Snake Chain

Known as a “snake chain,” this is a thin chain of small and fully modeled links, capable of bending and turning in an extremely controlled and disciplined manner, similar to the movement of a snake. The snake-like chains, with their extremely modern visuals, are a choice for everyone, both for casual and official attires, while wearing it by itself would make a person look minimal and smooth.

Styles Chart Types of Necklace Chains – Exploring Modern Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How should I store my necklaces to prevent tangling?

If you want to store necklaces with ease, then the best idea for you can be to store them individually in small pouches instead of piling them on top of each other.

Q2. Can I wear different necklaces together?

Yes, you should definitely style different necklaces together as they will not only look elegant and chic, but you will be able to come up with a style of your own.


If you want to stand apart from others and make a style statement of your own, you need to check out the collection that we have to offer at Hislon Jewelers for styles chart types of necklace chains.

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