King is Back!

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King Seiko is a mechanical watch brand that beautifully designed and finished mechanical watches with high accuracy.

The 1960s was a decade of unprecedented advances for Seiko, both in terms of technical development and design creativity. Alongside Grand Seiko, one other series demonstrated the company’s ability to create beautifully designed and finished mechanical watches with high accuracy. It was called King Seiko. In addition to its precision, it offered a powerful yet graceful design that symbolized the high quality of its construction. Today, after more than half a century, the King Seiko collection is back with timepieces that showcase the lasting quality of Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking.

The case is constructed so that, combined with the boxed-shaped sapphire crystal, it gives each watch a slim and elegant feel. An anti-reflective coating on the inner surface of the crystal delivers high legibility from any angle. The bold, faceted lugs have sharp angles and wide flat surfaces that feature both mirror and hairline finishing, creating a sense of precision. The twelve o’clock index is more than twice the width of the others and has a patterned texture specially crafted to ensure high legibility and to give the dial a bright sparkle that invites the eye. The crown and case back bear the new King Seiko emblem whose design was inspired by that of the 1965 KSK.

Essentially, King Seiko was meant to play second fiddle to Grand Seiko. However, the resultant watches were still of incredibly high quality. That quality still makes them relevant today, and most models, pleasantly, can still be found at good prices.

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