Is Seiko a Luxury Brand?

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Seiko is a well-known luxury Japanese brand for watches that was founded back in 1881 and it is still a significant name among watch lovers. With a long history of innovation and craftsmanship, Seiko is one of the best names among watch enthusiasts.

The name ‘Seiko’ itself means minute, successful, and exquisite, which means that it is dedicated to the loyalty, trust, and authenticity that the brand has to offer. If you want to discover a timeless design or are wondering if is Seiko a luxury brand and a good option for you, then read on to find out more about what the brand has to offer.

History of Seiko Watches

Before we figure out whether Seiko is a luxury brand or not, it is important to understand where the brand comes from, and what it offers. Pushing the boundaries of watchmaking innovation, the brand introduced its first wristwatch in 1913 and the first quartz watch in 1969. Over the years, Seiko as a brand has committed itself to quality, precision, and offering reliability and value to its customers. Seiko also has a sister brand which is known for producing luxury watches and it is known as “Grand Seiko.”

Can Seiko Be Considered a Luxury Brand?

While Seiko is known to be one of the best watch companies, it is still not considered to be a luxury brand because it outsources a part of its manufacturing process and offers affordable options to customers. Here are multiple reasons why Seiko is not considered to be a luxury brand by a lot of people:

1.     Price Point

As luxury watches are commonly associated with the price tag they come with, Seiko falls below the range that is usually set for luxury watches. Despite offering a wide range of watches as well as expensive models, Seiko still does not meet the price point like other watch brands.

2.     Materials and Craftsmanship

Another reason why Seiko might not be considered a luxury brand is that luxury watch brands have a trademark for using precious stones, gems, and metals all of which are handcrafted. As Seiko has outsourced some of its production, they are not able to incorporate the same level of rare, unique, and costly material in its watches.

3.     Marketing and Branding

As luxury brands invest heavily in marketing, branding, and storytelling, it is important to make sure that the campaigns resonate with the lifestyle and buying behavior of the people who have a status and a heritage. Even though Seiko is a respectable brand it is still not able to match the marketing presence of the other luxury brands out there.

4.     Exclusivity

Luxury brands usually follow this process of introducing limited-time editions or offering their special customers a unique watch. With such an approach, watch brands that are luxury-based have increased demand and prices. This automatically adds brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe to the list. Despite a focus on exclusivity, Seiko watches do not hold the same value because it might be releasing limited editions but it still does not hold the same re-sale value.

Is Seiko a Luxury Brand

Frequently Asked Questions about Seiko

Q1. Are Seiko watches water-resistant?

Yes, Seiko has an exclusive collection in which they water resistant watches. This collection is known as the Prospex Collection and it is an ideal choice for swimmers and athletes.

Q2. Is Seiko known for watches?

Seiko is known for its watch-making expertise and the innovation and unique craftsmanship that it comes with. It has not only introduced the world’s first quartz wristwatch but the brand also offers a wide of watches.

Parting Note

If you’re still wondering if is Seiko a luxury brand, then you should know that while Seiko is a watch brand that offers affordable pieces, it has a sister brand under ‘Grand Seiko’ which offers luxury models. This collection is not only committed to high-quality timepieces but has a well-deserved place in the world of luxury watches. If you’re interested in checking out the collection that Seiko has to offer, then you can visit us at Hislon Jewelers and see for yourself the different options that you can choose from.

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