How to Change Date on MICHELE Watch?

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 For owners of Michele watches like you who want to maintain their timepieces reliably and accurately, we aim to help you change the date perfectly.

Well, it’s crucial for you to make sure your favourite watch stays and lasts precisely, and for that, you need to learn how to adjust its date properly.

Do you also get frustrated by not finding the correct guidance for how to change the date on MICHELE watch? Here is the solution: from searching out the crown to setting the correct date, clear instructions, and expert tips. It seems to be the help you are looking for.

It’s also very important for you to be careful with your watch, as mishandling the date adjustment mechanism can cause unnecessary damage.

The goal here is to guide you so your watch will stay with you for many years as a cherished companion and a trustworthy timekeeper.

Do you also find it difficult to change the date on your favourite watch? Then you are on the right-click! You will learn each step-in detail, which will surely clear your problems.

How to Change Date on MICHELE Watch

Let’s know how to change the date step-by-step!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Search out the Crown

The crown is a small knob typically situated on the side of your Michele watch’s case. It’s used to adjust various settings, including the date. Identifying the crown is crucial as it serves as the primary interface for making adjustments to your watch.

Step 2: Pull the Crown

Gently pull the crown out to its first position with a delicate touch. This initial pull engages the crown’s function for adjusting the date. Be mindful not to exert too much force, as the crown should move smoothly without resistance.

Step 3: Rotate the Crown

Once the crown is in its extended position, carefully turn it clockwise to advance the date forward. Each rotation of the crown will incrementally move the date display. It’s essential to proceed slowly and steadily to avoid over-advancing the date or causing undue stress on the mechanism.

Step 4: Set the Correct Date

As you rotate the crown, observe the date window on your Michele watch. Continue turning the crown until the desired date is prominently displayed. Take your time to ensure accuracy, pausing to double-check the date before proceeding.

Step 5: Push the Crown In

Once you’ve set the correct date, gently push the crown back into its original position and flush against the case. This action secures the crown and ensures that your adjustments are locked in place. Avoid pressing too firmly, as a gentle touch is sufficient to return the crown to its resting state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is it possible to adjust the date on your Michele watch at any time of the day?

Yes, it’s possible to change the date on your Michele watch. However, to prevent any damage to your watch, it’s suggested that you avoid changing the date during the automatic period, which typically falls between 9 PM and 3 AM.

Q 2: What should I do If the date doesn’t change at midnight?

If you face any difficulty in changing the date at midnight, the tip is to manually advance the time past 3 AM. After that, use the crown adjustment method to set the correct date as detailed above.

Q 3: Is it normal for the date to change gradually instead of instantly at midnight?

Yes, it is obviously normal and not a cause for concern. Many mechanical watches, including Michele watches, protect a movement, which is why they feature a gradual date change movement.


Don’t mess up with your Michele watch to keep it accurate and working smoothly. You need to know the right process for, how to change the date on the MICHELE watch, which is essential.

Following the simple steps, you can confidently adjust the date without damaging your timepiece. You need to handle the crown with care, and no need to panic.

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